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Auto & Home Insurance Bundles

Did you know you can save by bundling? Get simple, comprehensive insurance, plus great discounts from some of the most respected names in the insurance market.

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Your vehicle and your house are among your most valuable assets. When you cover them together with one of our home & auto bundles, you’ll get a multi-policy discount. You’ll also have the peace of mind and great service of an independent and experienced insurance agent on your side.

Most of the insurers offering homeowners coverage in Florida are small, unrecognizable names. At Erwin, we are proud to offer homeowners insurance through top insurers like Progressive, Stillwater, and Nationwide– some of the best-known brands in the U.S. And since we’ve been working with Progressive, for instance, since the 1970s, we know them well.

By bundling with a leading insurance company such as Progressive Insurance, you are placing your insurance in the hands of a strong, “AM Best” rated insurer, and you are also taking advantage of these three features:

  • Convenience and simplicity: One online account to manage. One billing schedule to manage. One number to call. But the simplicity adds another key feature – come claim time, any grey areas between your auto and home coverage are eliminated as the same insurer is handling both.
  • Policy Cost Optimization: this is a fancy way of saying “discounts”. You’ll receive multi-policy discounts on premiums, and that bundling that can also reduce deductibles come claim time.
  • Market leading coverage: at the end of the day, the most important element of your insurance program is the coverage. And unfortunately in our industry, there are lots of games that can be played by insurance companies. Thankfully, Progressive offers some of the most robust coverage in the market. You can rest easy, with a name you can trust offering an insurance contract you can trust.

Ask an Erwin insurance specialist can help set up your new bundle. Available throughout Florida.

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