Why Erwin

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy? Recognize the distinction between data and information, and know how and when to use both. Understand that customer support is the means to customer retention.


Data is great. Data with context is unbeatable.

We combine our deep domain expertise, detailed data collection and long term relationships to see the bigger picture for our customers - not just what you need now, but what you might need in the short and long term.


Customer support is a given. Customer retention is a differentiator.
We believe customer retention is the foundation to a sustainable insurance agency and we take it very seriously. So serious in fact, we’re celebrating our 55th year serving our customers, some of whom have trusted us for five generations.

Signing a new customer is often considered multiple times more expensive than retaining an existing one.  And that notion underpins everything we do at Erwin™.  We cannot and do not focus only on winning new customers every year.  We have to win our existing customers over again first.  And with that, our logic is that support leads to satisfaction.  Satisfaction leads to retention.  

That's what we're all about and to that end, we don't view support as a differentiator.  Support is just a part of our DNA.

Our Sweet Spot: Navigating the complex and sometimes cryptic world of insurance while remaining conscious and respectful that its products are squarely at the intersection of finance, actuarial science and the law.