Your products are different. Your customers are different. People rely on you for a positive food experience.

You need to manage an expense structure that allows you to focus on providing that experience profitably but you also rely on that expense structure being protected in the event something unexpected occurs.

At Erwin, we have been helping businesses like yours obtain and manage insurance for over 50 years.  Our roots are deep. Our access to the insurance markets is broad. Our experience with policy coverages and insurance related decisions is significant.  Our purpose is to help you navigate the options you have and the decisions you need to make

Options include:

Commercial Automobile

Commercial Auto coverage is an essential risk management solution for restaurants.  We all drive cars but there are certain conditions that may apply when it could be interpreted that you or an employee are driving a vehicle on behalf of your restaurant - we need to make sure someone’s coverage will apply if something goes wrong!

Workers Compensation:

In the food & beverage industry, injuries occur on the job a little more often than in many other industries.  Your employees are on their feet all day and are around heavy equipment that can be hot, cold, sharp, powerful, or present any number of other, more dangerous factors.  These environments breed more situations for claims to happen and makes workers compensation coverage very important.

General Liability:

There are events you can control or help prevent and there are events that are well beyond your control.  As a member of the food & beverage industry, the events that can come crashing down on your business are numerous.  Slip and falls, food poisoning, violent customer situations; these are all events we hear about on a daily basis for businesses that serve a high number of customers everyday.  The direct damages that result from these events are one thing - the court costs and all the other associated expenses with these situations are another. Investing in damage protection as well as in an insurance company to help you navigate and fund your defense is critical to your ability to continue focusing on providing the level of customer experience that keeps customers coming back!  

Commercial Property:

Kitchen fires, equipment failures, theft, and storms - all kinds of things can happen to your business’s property.  What’s more, often these losses are incurred on property that is absolutely critical to your business. Insurance becomes much more than just a product when considering these risks and your business’s lack of control over their consequences - insurance becomes a strategy that you implement to manage uncertainty and to help you avoid pre-occupying the time you should spend focused on your customers, employees, and business.

Additional coverage options:

Business Income and Extra Expense:

Many property policies come with this coverage but it may be an area that you want to spend a little more time evaluating to ensure proper limits.  This coverage can apply after a loss event that has caused your business to close down for a period of time. While your business may be closed, life goes on and providing an ability to maintain some sort of cash flow during this time may be a critical factor in your business’s lifetime.  

Employee Dishonesty:

Particularly for businesses that process a lot of cash transactions through the course of serving customers, employee dishonesty is real.  From overage manipulation to straight-up theft, these situations occur daily and often highlight the importance of securing coverage.

Equipment Breakdown:

You rely on on several pieces of equipment to help you serve customers.  While wear and tear is expected, there are times when a critical piece of equipment goes down leaving you few options to continue running your business.  Let us help you evaluate whether equipment breakdown is right for your business.

Employee Practices Liability:

Human resource laws can be complex.  Unintended consequences occur everyday that relate to changing labor standards or even disgruntled employees that pursue legal action.  This protection often not only provides coverage for damages, it can provide support to help you prevent losses - educational support, employee handbook design guidelines, etc.  This often overlooked coverage can be a critical part of your risk management strategy.

With a focus on this industry, we align our relationships with insurers with the demands from restaurant clients that we have experienced.  We have the ability to place your business with insurers that can help you just address only the most catastrophic coverages with low premiums to insurers that enable you to minimize your risks to an economically feasible extent with competitive rates.  In essence, we can offer solutions to wide array of customers – from risk seeking to risk averse!

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