Insurance as compliance, reliance, or strategy? How about all three...


From restaurants, convenience stores, coffee and snack shops to grocery stores, bars & nightclubs, and food service contractors, Erwin Food & Beverage specialists are focused on insurance solutions that protect your top and bottom lines.

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Auto Services

Dealerships, mechanics, body shops, and more.  Erwin Auto Services specialists have experience in your industry, not only writing insurance for businesses but hands on experience.  We can relate to your day-to-day concerns and know that they extend far beyond insurance matters – make those our job!

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Erwin has been writing contractor business since the beginning (1963) and we write everything from one man crews to large complex operations in all segments, including (but not limited to) electricians, plumbers, installers, paving contractors, and the many more listed on our Contractor home page.

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Non-profit & Social Services

You focus on doing good things for communities, not profits.  Yet, you are susceptible to the same types of risks that companies chasing markets, business, revenues and profits experience, and sometimes even more.  Religious institutions, recovery clinics, day cares, nursing homes, and more, we take pride in doing right by organizations that do right for social good.  


The genesis of modern insurance is marine-related.  In fact, the world renown insurance provider Lloyds of London traces its roots in marine as Lloyds Coffee House was the place to go in the 1600’s to insure your ship!  Erwin takes pride in participating in this industry, particularly given its offices are located in two cities that represent significant ports in the US – Jacksonville, FL and New York, NY.  Erwin Marine offers a range of products and solutions to cover the full spectrum of marine enterprises, including Tugboat & Shipping Services, Ocean & Coastal Transportation, Port & Harbor Operations, and more.